moganshan mountain paradise

As I mentioned on Monday, we spent the weekend in Moganshan National Park.  And it was wonderful.

Getting there was a little comical.  We didn't have our plans 100% accurately sorted, but thanks to 3 Chinese co-workers headed out for a weekend sales call we were able to share at taxi and get to the town below the park.  Then we hopped into another taxi and wound and wound and wound our way through opaque fog to get to the village.  That was a little comical, too, since we didn't exactly know where the hotel was, but we finally stopped at a hotel that was open and visible through the cloud bank, and the girl inside pointed at some old stone stairs, saying "just go up."  So we did.

Our lodging had a grand curving staircase with old-school hotel carpet and old photos of mountain scenes and a Royal Tennenbaums vibe.  A friendly clerk in pink floral pajamas greeted us.  We went next door to The Lodge and the manager from Lithuania let us order food even though we were four minutes past kitchen close.

The rest of the weekend was deep gulps of fresh air, hiking up and down the steep sides of hills, swatting a few mosquitoes, never finding the temple we looked for, but enjoying all the fresh air and vigor. We spent a good amount of time walking through a bamboo forest, which is--no way!--a forest that is really giant grass.  When we looked up the ridge, the top of the "tree"-line was feathery like the top of a prairie.  So bizarre.  The interior of the bamboo forest feels spacious, there are less branches than a regular-tree forest, and there isn't as much undergrowth. 

Paradise is only a few hours away, so I'm sure we'll go back soon.  Photos below.





P.S. Have you ever hiked in a bamboo forest?



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